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Simply Basics Coconut Lime Body Mist

Simply Basics Coconut Lime Body Mist
Simply Basics is a brand sold by Walmart. I was randomly browsing when I found this Coconut Lime Body Mist. This brand also has body butters, body wash and lots more to offer at a very decent price compared to other skincare/bodycare brands.

Scent: At first whiff the mist smells like floor detergent but when you smell closely, you will be able to smell the coconut. It's a pretty good tropical coconut but the lime adds the detergent-esque smell. Maybe all limes are like that.

Product: The bottle says it's "energizing" with aloe vera. The scent is energizing and the aloe vera is a natural UV absorber and moisturizer. There are also Vitamin complex A, C and E added into it for extra moisture.

Result: Being a body mist, it is also a natural thing to keep on applying but good thing the bottle is on the cheap side. I like the close-to tropic smell of the coconut but the lime sometimes makes me unhappy about the mist. If only...
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