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Philosophy Lipshine

Philosophy Coconut Milk Lipshine
Philosophy lip shines are very good lipglosses. They last long and they come in a variety of different flavors. So when the Coconut Milk one was out I had to go buy it!

Scent: Like Philosophy's other Coconut Milk products, the scent is a very strong Coconut syrup scent. Very sweet and thick. Not tropical coconut scent but dessert coconut scent.

Product: All the lipshines from Philosophy are hi-shine and thick. They are also long lasting and very moisturizing. The lipshine has quite a bit of shimmer but really subtle.

Result: I love coconut and coconut milk but not overly sweet coconut syrup. However, I really like Philosophy lipshines and the rest of the Philosophy Coconut Milk product lineup. I must say I also have their 3-in-1 body wash too.
Tags: makeup
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