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For the Love of Coconut!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
For the Love of Coconut!

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The Body Shop Body Butter [26 Nov 2007|05:29pm]

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
This is the CLASSIC item to go to for some wonderful coconut! So far the Body Shop has done a great job with their body butters and they are quite popular even though the coconut one is not quite. The Coconut collection is always on sale so it's all good for me!

Scent: Smells really nutty and a slight ripe banana smell. It has this coconut oil to it too so it makes you smell the moisture that it's going to give you. Definitely not an artificial or dessert coconut smell. It's quite clean.

Product: The Coconut body butter is for normal to dry skin. This is semi-oily product and it doesn't quite sink into the skin right away as it's a butter. Shows the extra softness you will be getting once the product actually sinks in.

Result: I have used this all over my body once and have been commented about my tropical coconut smell. It is indeed a strong long lasting scent and it's good for your skin. But be warned that others may not like it as much as you do!
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Simply Basics Coconut Lime Body Mist [26 Nov 2007|12:05pm]

Simply Basics Coconut Lime Body Mist
Simply Basics is a brand sold by Walmart. I was randomly browsing when I found this Coconut Lime Body Mist. This brand also has body butters, body wash and lots more to offer at a very decent price compared to other skincare/bodycare brands.

Scent: At first whiff the mist smells like floor detergent but when you smell closely, you will be able to smell the coconut. It's a pretty good tropical coconut but the lime adds the detergent-esque smell. Maybe all limes are like that.

Product: The bottle says it's "energizing" with aloe vera. The scent is energizing and the aloe vera is a natural UV absorber and moisturizer. There are also Vitamin complex A, C and E added into it for extra moisture.

Result: Being a body mist, it is also a natural thing to keep on applying but good thing the bottle is on the cheap side. I like the close-to tropic smell of the coconut but the lime sometimes makes me unhappy about the mist. If only...
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Lime in the Coconut [26 Nov 2007|08:05am]


Don't you want to "Put the Lime in the Coconut"?
Lyrics here!
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Philosophy Lipshine [25 Nov 2007|05:17pm]

Philosophy Coconut Milk Lipshine
Philosophy lip shines are very good lipglosses. They last long and they come in a variety of different flavors. So when the Coconut Milk one was out I had to go buy it!

Scent: Like Philosophy's other Coconut Milk products, the scent is a very strong Coconut syrup scent. Very sweet and thick. Not tropical coconut scent but dessert coconut scent.

Product: All the lipshines from Philosophy are hi-shine and thick. They are also long lasting and very moisturizing. The lipshine has quite a bit of shimmer but really subtle.

Result: I love coconut and coconut milk but not overly sweet coconut syrup. However, I really like Philosophy lipshines and the rest of the Philosophy Coconut Milk product lineup. I must say I also have their 3-in-1 body wash too.
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O.P.I AVOJUICE Skin Quenchers [25 Nov 2007|02:20pm]

AVOJUICE Skin Quenchers Coconut Melon Juicie

This is the first Coconut hand cream that I have bought which was only a few days ago. Still fairly new. This is from the famous nail brand O.P.I so I assume it is for hands even though it doesn't exactly state what it is for but to moisturize your skin.

Scent: Although it says it's Coconut Melon, the blend of the "smoothie/juicie" is a result of mango. Still very tropical and very yummy. If you try really hard you can smell the coconut but at first it will be mango.

Product: I use this for hand cream and it is doing a fair job. Not bad and not good. It comes out thin and slightly runny. It easily sinks into your skin but in my opinion it's a cream for people who have not-so-dry hands and/or for summer seasons.

Result: I really enjoyed this smell a lot even though I don't like the product really much. The good thing is that this product has shower gel and a body mist so I would love to find those and try them too. I am definitely won over by the scent.
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Coconut Information - General [25 Nov 2007|12:12pm]

Here are some sites on Coconuts:

1. Coconut on wiki
2. Coconut-Info
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New Community [25 Nov 2007|09:09am]

I'm trying something new and opening up a communit just for something that I love deeply and can never give up on....

The love of Coconut! Everything Coconut!

I'm not sure how this is going to work at the moment but I'll just keep posting.

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